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USA M-65 3 photographs
(1,618) VIP Member
I want to thank CF for letting a Tennessee hillbilly join their site. It is great and there are very nice people here. I have made many new friends that I would not know before.
United-Kingdom M-79 5 photographs
(1,225) VIP Member
After reading all those glowing testimonials there's not a lot more one can add, but I do second all those comments, I too have made some good friends and all within a month..and the advantages of being a VIP is a great asset...Continue with the excellent service CF's and I shall remain a VIP.
USA M-50 5 photographs
(1,195) VIP Member
I have been a member of Cyberfriends.com for almost one year now. I have met one friend from this site in person and we will be friends forever now. Cyberfriends.com really is the very best friendship site on the web today. All precautions for your privacy and internet safety is taken by administration. The Cyberfriends forums are a good place to get a feel for different individuals.
United-Kingdom F-49 5 photographs
I'm so glad I joined CF too. I've met so many lovely people on here. Everyone is friendly and polite. It's also interesting to meet people from all corners of the planet. Thanks CF for doing such a great job. Thumbs up for you all!
USA M-28 5 photographs
CyberFriends is the best site for making friends worldwide. For instance, I have a problem with opening up to new friends right away. I'm a bit shy at first, but CyberFriends helps erase all that...you don't see the person so who you shying at? It helps you also to meet people from places you never thought you'd ever know someone from, and you're able to learn a lot about such places.....which is a big bonus. I've made great pals here and believe me, I ain't going no where. CyberFriends ten thumbs up.
Italy F-43 4 photographs
I love Cyberfriends.com!!! It's like to be in a bar having coffee with friends. A sort of "friends-family". I have met wonderful people, the spirit here is friendship, real and clean one. Go on this way and i'll stay at CyberFriends.com forever ;)
Japan M-36 4 photographs
Cyberfriend.com is a great portal to meet interesting people all over the world. I think so on my experience. At CyberFriends, you will have many chances to find people who can enjoy nice communication with you. I have found many such friends since I joined to this portal last April.
United-Kingdom M-66 4 photographs
Well where do i start? I have not been a member for long, but have met so many nice people whom i call my friends now. I go on holiday abroad every year and since joining CF i have chatted to friends all over the world just sitting here at my computer. To all my friends on CF, thank you and a special thanks to CF staff for making this all possible.
USA F-66 3 photographs
(1,151) VIP Member
Cyber Friends is the best site that I have come across. I have never met people that were so nice and friendly. The ease at using the site is unreal. It is fun to correspond and stay in touch with others. I love to see what makes people tick..and I have met some really nice folks all over the world. Thank you Cyber Friends.
United-Kingdom M-35 3 photographs
Cyberfriends has to be the best friendship site on the web. I have met many wonderful people and made lots of wonderful friends. For this, I would like to THANK the whole Cyberfriends.com team.
United-Kingdom F-48 3 photographs
Well I have made lots of friends on here. I am realy glad that i joined. People realy do care about you and how you feel. This is the best site I have ever been on.
USA F-70 3 photographs
Love CF and have made so many new friends from all corners of the world. This has inspired me to take a trip to meet up with a few of them. I only have praise for CF site for all I've gained thru the friends.
USA M-51
(1,130) VIP Member
Thanks CF! You have a great service, and I'm very impressed with it. Wow...
USA F-46 4 photographs
I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your site very much. It has given me hours of laughter and many great new friends. It is nice to see how this site can bring together so many people from different countries and cultures. I have watched many Cyberfriends fall in love, get married, have children, and live their daily lives. It has been a joy to be involved in this even if it is only through text.
United-Kingdom F-73 2 photographs
I have only been here for a short while but have already made lots of new friends. Everyone is so eager to share their experiences with you...The chatroom is great fun..I feel as though we are all pals in there together. Thanks CyberFriends staff and all you Cyberfriends too.
Finland M-28 2 photographs
I like CyberFriends a lot. I have made some great friends and with one of them, we have talked about meeting each other one day.
Canada M-80 2 photographs
Beyond any doubt, CF is the best friendship site on the net. Most, if not all, of their competitors, fall far short of the mark, when it comes to a safe, harrasment-free portal, to quality cyberfriends around the world..
Mexico F-26 2 photographs
I found the love of my life in this site!!! It's a good place to meet people all around the world... I have more friends now than before.
USA M-28 2 photographs
This site is a great way to start up friendships and meet new people... You can learn so much about a culture by talking to its people... and cyberfriends provides this for all who would like to see this. Cyberfriends is not only a friendship portal, but it is also a learning tool. I was introduced to this site in school and I loved it so much I kept the profile. I love this site, and the people in it. This is not only because of the friends I have made (and there are plenty of them), but because I know there are so many more to make here. I liked the site so much I got my friend to sign on here, and my sister. They love it too...
Indonesia F-25 4 photographs
Cyberfriend is the best friendship website I have ever known. It has a lot of things that no other friendship website has! Cyberfriends is also simple and easy to use. It makes it possible to get the complete information of other members, so we know what kind of people they are! But our privacy is safe! We can put our pic too, so if you want a beautiful or handsome friend, that�s gonna be so easy! It�s a lot of fun to have new friends and Cyberfriends.com makes it very easy to do that!!
Algeria M-33 1 photograph
Thank you so mach for this website, really I like it and I love CyberFriends.com so much. With this site, I have made a lot friends form all over the world, and I also made a pulication for this site; all my friends now know it and they are so proud to be mebers of this great web site. Thank you again my lovely site!!
India M-75 1 photograph
I am suprised at the wonderful work CyberFriends.com is doing in bringing people of the world closer. I have had very pleasant letters from different parts and sometimes I feel sorry for the inadequacy of the time at my disposal to reply to them. In fact, it is a source and inspiration to acquire more knowledge of various countries more. Let CyberFriends.com be the media to inculcate frienship among the people of the world. Let it be the light to dispel darkness and misgivings of people and of nations.
India M-36 1 photograph
Its an excellent site i ever perceived.I have now friends all round the globe.
Australia F-62 2 photographs
What a great web site this is, I have only been with CF for a little over one month and have made some wonderful new friends from different parts of the world. The people are just so welcoming and friendly.
United-Kingdom F-32 2 photographs
i have been a member of CF for just over 2 years now & i have made some great friends. At first, I was too sure but I thought I would give it a chance & I am glad I did. There are some great ppl on here & I have made alot of friends. It is a great site to be on & I m glad I joined as i would have never met the great friends i have now...
India M-50
I really like to take this opportunity to thank the CyberFriends team for the good work u r all doing, enabling to meet good loyal people around the globe.
USA F-49
I must admit, I wasn't too sure about this site, thinking, maybe it will be like some others I've visited and wasn't satisfied with... Cyberfriends is quite unique in its approach to bring people together, without feeling pressured, I've made lots of friends & my list continues to grow. Keep up the good work! I like all the improvements...
USA M-50 1 photograph
CyberFriends is different than other sites I've been to. So far, this is one of the best places to find friends. Keep up the great work!
United-Kingdom F-64
(1,031) VIP Member
It is wonderful to find a site that does what it says, and lets you make friends, and isn't a cover up for a dating agency. I chat to people all over the globe and have made one special friend. Thank you.
USA F-45
This is honestly the best friendship site on the web. I have aready made so many friends and have only been a member for one month. Great job adminstrators and moderators. You guys have kept this site clean from the normal garbage you usually find on friendship forums. Totally awesome.
USA F-67 4 photographs
This is a very nicely done site.
India M-55
I think CF is the best friendship site by design. It is very user friendly and vey simple and fast. Even the membership is quite reasonable so we can meet friends from all over the world. All members are very good and all behaves like a family members. I would say that CyberFriends.com is a site full of EMOTION. It is great and a wonderful site. I really congratulate the management team for their great efforts and encourage them maintain this great creativity. Wish you all the great success in time to come.
United-Kingdom F-43
I joined CyberFriends approximately one year ago and found it to be a very friendly site. I have met 3 very close and genuine friends and still keep intouch with them regulary . I think it's amazing to be able to reach people , from the comfort of your own home ... though it's virtual reality , the friendships I have made have been real, true and lasting.
USA F-42
Cyberfriends is really the best place to make friends. Sometimes you just send emails to say hello and see how others are doing and sometimes you end up making a friend for life. There's always so many new people joining CF and you are sure to make friends.
Philippines F-32
Great! great! great! CyberFriends is such a professional and wonderful website to find a friend you can depend on. A friend you can trust and email with without any malicious words. CyberFriends services are really great because they don't allow verbal abuses and any misconduct!
USA F-56 1 photograph
I have been on here a long time and met many people who have come and gone. I enjoy my time here, and have many wonderful people I enjoy talking with. It is a great site, I hope it stays that way.
United-Kingdom M-58
This is a great site. I have made some good friends and one very special one.
Jordan F-50
After three month of using CF, I found that the CF is the best place to find the kind of friend you want. All of the members are polite, respectable, and kind people. You feel that you have a good family here, so thanks to the CF team. Its a nice work and service.
India M-26
Congragulations to CF for your success. Its really the best site according to me and all the credit goes to you all for taking the initiative and providing such a facility for the people to make friends. May you all prosper.

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